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Hi, my name is Scott. 


I’ve been wandering the Alaska wilderness since I was 10, grew up to be an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, hunter, survivalist and craftsman. I rapidly found that the most useful tool in the bush is your knife. 


I have loved knives for as long as I can remember, collecting them as I was growing up. Then came a time when I wanted to create a knife myself, just to see if I could do it. Once I started working on that first knife, I couldn't get enough of it.  From that first knife through today, my love for my trade has continued to grow. 


What was once a hobby has turned into a family business.  I have been blessed to build my business in my home shop over the past few years. My wife, Dawn, answers emails and does a lot of the shipping and ordering of supplies.   


All our knifes are made 100% in the USA, including all materials, steel and hand crafted in Alaska ! 


At Scottish Steel all our knifes are 100% hand crafted and customed to order, no two knives are exactly the same. When placing an order, you have the ability to custom design a knife the way YOU want it. You get to choose the style of the blade, type and color of handle material, Options of having color or Glow in the Dark handle liners. To even add an even more personal touch, we can etch the blade with a name, nickname, important dates (birthday, anniversary, ect...), you name it! 


It is my goal to create a knife that is both comfortable in your hand, but tough enough to use for your daily needs.  Whether you are looking for a hunting, fishing, ulu, skinner, everyday carry (EDC) or a bush craft knife. We have several types that will your needs or if you have a special design in mind, we can build anything !   Scottish Steel can create that special blade you have been dreaming of ! 


So, whether you're a novice outdoors-man or seasoned adventurer living life on the edge, your journey has just led you to some of the high quality, field-proven knives you can depend upon to get you to your farthest destination and back. 

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