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"Reaper" Blue
  • "Reaper" Blue


    The "Reaper" is Hand crafted after the famous Alaskan Ulu and a Big belly skinner.  This design has a raised handle with the belly of the blade forward to allow incredible control of the cutting edge for skinning, filleting and cutting.  It can handle anything from gutting and skinning of your game, heading and filleting your fish.  It can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks like slicing  and dicing of fruit, vegetables and meat. It is very easy to crush food like garlic and ginger. Makes you enjoy the kitchen life and experience endless fun, a best gift for your family and friends.


    The "Reaper" is Bladesmithed and heat treated 1095 High Carbon steel blade with an HRC between 58-60.  1095 HC is a very durable steel that will hold an extremely sharp  edge for a long time and it is easy to sharpen. With a blade thickness of .125 and several finger hole that allows extremely easy handling, you will be able to skin small game with ease and it will be extremely durable for large game such as deer, bear, caribou or moose and fish.  This is a must have tool in the field !


    The base price for this knife is $265. 

    Below are more custom options at an additional costs.


    Handle material upgrades are available such as Exotic Woods, G10 with many color options, Stag Horn and Antler *  on custom orders. 


    Atomic Glow * is also available for this knife pattern.  Atomic Glow is a handle material that can glows in the dark up to 18 hours !  A must for any night time activities such as camping, hunting or fishing.


    Personalised Etching * of the blade such as initials, names, special dates (i.e. Birthday, Wedding day, Annversary) or even a little personal message,


    G10 Color Options
    Ultra Glow extra $25

      Overall Length   6.50 " Blade Length         4.50"
      Blade Material    1095 Blade Thickness   .125 "
      Weight                   6.7 oz Handle  Options   G10, Wood, Antler *
      Glow Available    Yes * Engraving Available   Yes *

      * Atomic Glow and Engraving are optional with addtional costs




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